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Since 1522, the Grand Prince of Moscow Vasili III and the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V exchanged a lot of letters and embassies. So started, 500 years ago, a surprisingly intense dialogue between Russia and the greatest West Europian power as allies, “in brotherhood and love”…

The stand exhibition dedicated to the event and its historical context was presented on 16 December at our Rounde Table with the participation of historians:

Vladimir RONIN

(°1958, Moscow)

has a PhD in History and a Master’s Degree in Slavistics, and is currently teaching at the University of Leuven, campus Antwerp. He has published on the history of Central Europe in the Middle Ages and on the relations between Russians and Belgians in the past two centuries. His most important academic books are: Antwerpen en zijn ‘Russen’ [Antwerp and its ‘Russians’], 1814–1914 (1993), Geschiedenis van Hongarije van Árpád tot Árpád Göncz [History of Hungary from Árpád till Árpád Göncz] (2003), and ‘Russkoe Kongo’ [‘Russian Congo’], 1870–1970 (2009, vol. 1–2, 520+640 p.) on history of Russians in Central Africa from 1870 till 1970.

Many specialists also appreciate his Regiony Rossii [Regions of Russia] (1996 and 1999), a textbook on Russia today for foreign students of Slavistics and Translation Studies; Russen en Belgen: is het water te diep? [Russians And Belgians: is the water too deep?] (1998) on everyday cultural differences between both countries; Zdravstvuyte, Mister Nayf! [Hello Mr. Knife] (1999), a small guidebook on the transliteration of names from several European languages into Russian; and Media i millennium [Media and Millennium] (2002),


(°1985, Moscow)

Researcher in history.

PhD at the Russian State University for the Humanities at the Department of History of Russia in the Middle Ages and Early Modern Times.

Research interests: the history of pre-Mongol Rus and Europe of the Middle Ages.

Author of 15 history books (in Russian):

Holy Roman Empire and Europe (2022), Prometheus of the Italian Renaissance. Michelangelo Buonarroti (2022), Leonardo da Vinci. Faust of the Italian Renaissance (2022), Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire in the chronicles and deeds of the 11th-12th centuries (2021), Charles V of Habsburg: the last emperor of the Middle Ages (2020), Vladimir Monomakh. Between history and legend (2021), “Game of Thrones” of medieval Rus’ and Western Europe (2019), Titans of the Renaissance. Leonardo and Michelangelo (2019), Dynastic Wars of the Middle Ages (2017) and others.

Alexey LOBIN

(°1977, Ulianovsk)

Graduated from the Faculty of History of St. Petersburg State University in 1999. Ph.D. in History (2004).

Director of exhibition, excursion, research and educational department of the National Congress palace, St.-Petersburg.

Specialist in the history of the Russian state of the 16th-17th centuries, author of about 100 publications. Head of the group of scientific and methodological developments of the Federal State Budgetary Institution “State Complex “Palace of Congresses”” (St. Petersburg).

Member of the editorial board of the electronic periodical “History of Military Affairs: Research and Sources”, and also editor-in-chief of the special revue “The Russian Army in the era of Tsar Ivan IV the Terrible: materials of scientific discussion on the 455th anniversary of the start of the Livonian War”.