Russian Civilisation

  • 30 ac. hours (2 ac. hours / once a week on Tuesdays)

  • Certificate Recognized in EU

  • Groups 7-12 people

  • For levels A2-B1

The aim of the course is to give students the opportunity to penetrate the studied era, learn a lot of new and interesting things about Russian culture and history, and improve their knowledge of the Russian language.

The uniqueness of the course is the introduction to fragments of Russian culture and history in a lively and entertaining manner, using dialogues, game moments, video and audio materials.

Do you want to know how the Eastern Slavs lived in ancient times, where the road “from Varangians to Greeks” was travelled, why Russian Tsar Ivan IV was nicknamed the Terrible, why the works of artist Ilya Repin are called “The History of Russia in Pictures”?

Do you want to touch the poetry of the Golden Age and get acquainted with the works of A. Pushkin and M. Lermontov, with the works of the great Russian composer P. Tchaikovsky?

Do you dream of seeing popular tourist routes?

You will find answers to these questions as well as lexico-grammatical exercises in our course “Civilisation of Russia”.

Discover the fascinating pages of Russian history and culture !

The material used is Russian Civilization Course:
N.N. Golovin “My First Russian History”
V.M. Solovyov “History of Russia in facts, dates and illustrations”
BSU University Press
“Russian History and Culture” (for level B1)

Showing fragments from films:
“Andrei Rublyov”
“War and Peace”
“The Silver Age of Russian Literature”
and others

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Our teachers –

professional philologists with diplomas from Russian universities and extensive teaching experience, incl. Russian as a foreign language. Under their guidance, you will be able to master languages ​​from the basics to the very top. The training program is built in accordance with European standards from level A1 to level C2. Based on the results of the classes, an official certificate is issued that meets European standards and is recognized by European government and business structures. ​

Our advantages –

  • small groups from 6 to 12 people
  • modern teaching methods of Russian universities
  • programs are designed in accordance with levels A1-C2 of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)
  • teachers – native speakers of Russian and specialists in teaching Russian as a foreign language
  • upon completion, an official diploma is issued, recognized in Belgium and in the EU
  • the possibility of obtaining an international certificate in Russian as a foreign language
  • internships at partner universities in Russia

Opinions of our students

…Speaking Russian gives you the chance to experience the real Russia. Knowing Russian will then be an added value for each type of profession.


…Russian language is one way to solve “the riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma” as Churchill said long time ago. Russia and its language are indeed enigmatic and learning Russian is a fascinating journey worth taking.


..Knowing Russian means having access to the great texts of Russian literature as well as to cinema and songs. Our teacher is very enthusiastic and patient and she manages to keep a good pace to maintain the interest of each student!