On January 23, 2024, an evening literary salon dedicated to poetry took place. A pleasant surprise was the participation not only of adults but also of children. Moreover, the latter took this event very seriously.

I would like to start my blog with lines from the little-known poetess Tamara Shulga for the general public.

A little history. During the years of the USSR, there was a good tradition: local (district or city) journals and newspapers published the works of people from non-creative professions. One such person was Tamara Shulga.

The poetess’s photo is taken from the official website “Literary Priamurye” .

Is Writing Poetry Easy?

In winter and summer, every night,

Like unforgiven sins,

Pages scribbled with shreds…

Why? I don’t understand myself…

And though – against reason,

But I wouldn’t trade for peace,

The heartbeat of the lines.

She was born in the Altai region.

Even in high school, she participated in the release of a handwritten literary journal.

After school, she entered the Barnaul Construction Technical School. But even there, she did not stop writing poetry. Tamara’s first publication took place in 1969 in the local newspaper “Youth of Altai”.

She worked as an engineer, but her creativity never left her. In 1985, Tamara Shulga became the laureate of the Komsomol Prize of the Amur region in the field of literature and art. In 1986, she graduated from the Gorky Literary Institute, and in the same year, she was admitted to the Union of Writers of the USSR, and since 1999, she has been a member of the Union of Journalists of Russia.

I became acquainted with her work when I came across the book “Light in the Palm of the Hand”. Her poems, so feminine and wisely feminine, touched my heart. And perhaps the most beloved, not only mine, as I constantly encounter plagiarism on the pages of the internet.

Let’s release each other,

Like birds released from cages,

The door opened and… empty,

Only the branches swayed…

Without bitter explanations,

Without imagined regrets,

How few are released,

How loved ones are released…

Let’s preserve each other

From pain, betrayal, sadness…

And there, beyond the circle’s line,

Let’s release each other.

But we didn’t just talk about T. Shulga’s work.

Roman read us a poem by Lermontov “The Sail”.

Sasha performed several poems, including those by Tsvetaeva, Yesenin, and Pasternak. As it turned out, the girl herself tries to compose. If she allows us, I will publish her poem on our website.

Platon prepared a surprise. He read excerpts from the childhood-familiar poems of K. Chukovsky in Russian and French.

It was nice that new faces joined us, who also came not empty-handed. Natalya told us about her favorite poet Peter Davydov and read his poem “Friends are Disappearing…”

Friends are disappearing unnoticed.

Meetings are less frequent and calls are shorter.

Perhaps it’s impossible to change,

If you are already different inside.

They parted reluctantly, but it was late. The street lamps had long been lit, and the wind scattered the late passers-by.

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