On February 13 of this year, the guest of our literary salon was Stepan Knyazev and his musician friends. For those who closely follow the news of our Russian House, this name is already familiar. His magnificent works are currently on display in our exhibition hall:

But as it turned out, he not only gives new life to old bicycles in a different guise but also writes beautiful poetry. So who is he, our guest?

Brief Historical Background:

Stepan Ivanovich Knyazev was born in the city of Omsk in 1963. He graduated from the College of Culture and Arts, Faculty of Cultural Studies at Omsk State University.

He worked as a cameraman and director in television companies in the city. He was a prize-winner of the literary tournament “Young Guard,” a participant in regional literary seminars, and the First All-Russian Meeting of Young Writers in the city of Yaroslavl in 1996.

His works were published in such collections as “Składchina-2,” “On the First Breath,” “Another Land.” He was published in magazines such as “Gorod,” “Omskaya Muza,” “Smena,” as well as in the online magazine “Den.”

For the collection “Attraction of the Sky” (Omsk, 1998), he was awarded the regional youth literary prize named after F.M. Dostoevsky.

His works can be found on the internet portal rifma.ru.

На иноходь сбивались кенгуру

и страусы захлёбываясь сплином,

однажды оторвавшись поутру,

к снегам России ломанулись клином.

Смежая веки грезил крокодил,

о кожанном салоне запорожца,

койот в капкан чуть-чуть не угодил

гуляя по листве опавшей рощи.

Гнал в поисках уюта в горле ком

и тыча носом в купола тугие,

целительное свойство ностальгии

тоску белило сладким молоком.

In keeping with the good old tradition, as a final offering, I suggest a video for you:

The next literary salon will be dedicated to the work of Vladimir Nabokov, who would have turned 125 on April 22. Read up and come to listen to others and share your opinion.

For early birds: February 29th at 10:30, registration is already open. Please register so I know which room to prepare.

Evening session: tentatively on March 5th at 19:00. Keep an eye on our announcements.