To the 80th anniversary of the complete liberation of Leningrad from the fascist blockade.

On January 30, the virtual platform of the Russian House in Brussels hosted an online tour of the exhibition “Memory!” in the Russian Museum (St. Petersburg). The tour was conducted by Valentina Gorlova, Head of the Excursion and Lecture Department of the Russian Museum.

The technologies of panoramic photography allowed enable viewers to explore the museum’s rooms where the most significant works of Soviet art,as well as works by contemporary authors dedicated to the Great Patriotic War – a terrible and at the same time heroic era. Among the most famous names are front-line artists Evsei Moiseenko and Boris Ugarov, classics of Soviet art – Kukryniksy, Alexander Laktionov, Andrei Mylnikov, Arkady Plastov, Helium Korzhev, Pyotr Ossovsky, Mikhail Anikushin and other artists for whom the military theme became one of the most important in their work. Each of the authors searched and found his way to a true story about this cruel ordeal that fell to our grandfathers and great-grandfathers.

The online excursion is organized as the part of the project “Conversations about art to the Russian Museum”, which is run by the Russian Museum in cooperation with the Russian House in Brussels and is dedicated to introducing foreign audiences to the history of Russian fine art.

Watch the video of the tour: