The final virtual tour of the Russian Museum this year was held at the virtual site of the Russian House in Brussels, which introduced viewers to the collection of Russian art of the 20th century, presented on the permanent exhibition of the museum. The excursion was conducted by Valentina Gorlova, head of the department of excursion and lecture work of the Russian Museum.

The art of the 20th century in Russia is closely connected with the history of the new state, which was formed on the site of the Russian Empire as a result of the Great October Revolution. These events were reflected in the life and work of Russian artists and influenced the emergence of new themes and trends in the fine arts. Spectators were introduced to the halls dedicated to the works of Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin and Pavel Filonov, works by Alexander Samokhvalov and Alexander Deineka, Arkady Plastov and Geliy Korzhev, works related to the aesthetics of the “severe style” – a turning point in the history of Soviet art.

The online excursion completed a series of meetings organized by the Russian Museum together with the Russian House in Brussels, and dedicated to introducing foreign audiences to the history, collection and exhibitions of the Russian Museum.