A festive concert of vocal music “Pushkin and Rachmaninov. Poetry and Music” was held at the Russian House in Brussels on June 6, where the songs of Sergei Rachmaninoff were performed.

Each of the composer’s works in this genre is remarkable for its amazing sincerity. Rachmaninoff often said that he loved poetry and always put it second only to music. The concert on the 150th anniversary of Rachmaninoff’s birth drew a full house. The favorite and native melodies were performed by Elena Fedorova (soprano), Inna van Mechelen (piano) and Salome Tsankashvili (piano). Romances to the verses of Russian poets A. Tolstoy, A. Pleshcheev, K. Balmont, G. Galina, F. Tyutchev, A. Fet, A. Apukhtin, I. Severyanin, D. Ratgauz were performed. And, of course, on the birthday of our beloved Alexander Pushkin works of his poetry sounded.

Virtuoso music of the great composer was performed by Salome Tsankashvili, student of Brussels Conservatory.

The concert ended with long applause.