Tula Region is attractive to foreign citizens, and their numbers are growing each year. Migration processes have a significant impact on the demographic situation, allowing for partial compensation of the labor force shortage.

According to the Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the region, Andrey Filippov, the implementation of the state migration policy program influences both the demographic situation and the socio-economic position of the Tula Region as a whole, by increasing the human resource potential.

The main goal of the program is to stimulate, create conditions, and facilitate the voluntary resettlement of compatriots residing abroad to the Tula Region, for its further socio-economic and demographic development.

Since the start of the project in 2011, 29.6 thousand compatriots have relocated to the Tula Region, including 12,030 in 2015 and 7,917 in 2016.

It is planned that in the next few years, at least 30,000 more compatriots and their family members will choose this region for permanent residence.