On September 22, as part of the “Conversations about Art with the Russian Museum” cycle, a virtual tour of one of the oldest buildings in St. Petersburg, the Summer Palace of Peter the Great, took place at the virtual site of the Russian House in Brussels.
The Summer Palace was built for the Russian Tsar Peter Alekseevich in 1710-1712 by the Italian architect Domenico Trezzini. Architects and sculptors from Western Europe took part in the design of the facades and interiors of the palace: Andreas Schluter, Jean-Baptiste-Alexandre Leblon.
After the death of Peter I, the Summer Palace was never rebuilt, although some changes took place in the design of the interiors. To this day, the layout and appearance of the building, the picturesque ceiling lamps of allegorical content, pine wardrobes, tiled stoves and wall decoration with painted Dutch tiles, wood paneling of the ground floor rooms, interior decoration of the Lower and Upper Cooking Rooms and the Green Cabinet have been preserved unchanged.
The Summer Palace of Peter I is not only one of the earliest monuments of architecture in St. Petersburg, but also evidence of the tastes, interests and aspirations of Peter I.

A virtual tour of the Summer Palace of Peter I was conducted by an employee of the Russian Museum Marina Borisovna Gogulina,

head of the sector of excursion work of the complex “Summer Garden – Summer Palace – House of Peter I”. Spectators were able to find themselves in the halls of the palace, look at the picturesque plafonds decorating the main halls, see interior items that remember the very first Russian emperor, and recognize Peter I not only as a great reformer, but also as an inventor, owner and family man.
The virtual tour was held in the format of a videoconference between the Russian Museum, the Russian House in Brussels and the Russian House in Beirut in three languages ​​- Russian, French and Arabic.