“It’s impossible to believe this!”

“To think that a child could play like that!”

“And what will happen when they grow up!”

These were the words spoken by the audience as they exited the concert hall. Who could have enthralled them to such an extent?

You won’t believe it, but it was children. Yes, indeed, two thirteen-year-old boys captivated classical music enthusiasts with their performance, leaving an indelible impression. Before the concert began, the audience could not even imagine that they would witness such magnificent playing.

Who are these young prodigies?

Alexander Skrobovskiy and Antoni Jarosz. Two friends, two musicians, two students of Inna Van Mechelen (Music Academy GO!, Antwerp). They started playing as a duo just recently, only one year ago, and have already received a special prize at the prestigious Princess Christina Music Competition (Netherlands).

Sasha has been studying the piano since the age of seven. The prize at the Princess Christina Competition is not his first award. He has repeatedly been a laureate of youth music competitions such as Steynway, Breugel, and Cantabile. But music is not his only interest. The boy loves playing chess, is interested in astronomy and drawing. He is also willing to play football with other boys.

Antoni started playing the violin at the age of four, and at nine, he added the piano to his repertoire. In 2019, he joined the children’s choir of the Flemish Opera and Ballet. Recently, the choir participated in the family opera “The Crusade” by Johan De Smet and Frederik Neyrinck.

In his free time, Antoni enjoys reading comics or drawing.

In order to witness the virtuoso playing of the boys, you can see it for yourself.