The CineClub of the Russian House showed  Andrey Shalopa’s film “28 Panfilov’s Men”, which tells the story of the immortal feat of the soldiers of Ivan Panfilov’s division.

In the autumn of 1941, German units standing near Volokolamsk were separated from Moscow, some two hours along the highway. However, on this highway was the 316-I Infantry Division, under the command of General I.V. Panfilov. This commander had such high prestige among the personnel that the fighters of the division called themselves Panfilov members. A division – Panfilov.

316-I proved to be so battle-worthy and successful military unit that 17 November 41-th year acquired the status of the guard and became the 8-th Guards. It so happened that the next day General Panfilov died, but the division received the right to retain his name in its name. This honor in the Soviet Army received, just one more division – 25 Guards, named after Chapaev.
So, the 16 of November (two days before the death of the general) the 4 company of the 2 battalion of the 1075 regiment of the Panfilov division accepted the battle, which was destined to become a legend of the Great Patriotic War.