The international music festival “Road to Yalta 2024” will be held in Moscow on April 28 (semi-final) and May 1 (final) 2024 on the small and large stages of the Moscow State Kremlin Palace respectively.

The aim of the project is to preserve historical memory and continuity of generations, to overcome the stamps of foreign propaganda and to build an international dialog by means of “musical diplomacy”. Through the acquaintance of foreign performers and their fans with Russian songs of the war years Russian culture is spread abroad.

Within the framework of the Festival, cash prizes will be raffled off: for the first place a prize of 2,000,000 rubles will be awarded, for the second place – 1,500,000 rubles, for the third place – 1,000,000 rubles.

In order to try their luck and participate in the qualifying stage of the Festival foreign artists should:

  1. Fill out the form on our website ( )
  2. Send us any video of their performance
  3. And wait for the decision of our jury!

The performance of last year’s finalist:

The full TV broadcast of the 2023 Festival:

The link for submissions is

Online applications will be accepted until February 29, 2024.

To contact the Festival organizers, artists can write to