Who didn’t love looking at New Year cards in childhood? They weren’t just exchanged with best wishes but kept for many years. Yulianna Pakhomova suggested that children create a unique card.

The pre-New Year master class on creating New Year greeting cards gathered a real crowd!

The youngest participant was only… 21 months old. And the oldest – over … It doesn’t matter.

Both our regular participants and new ones joined in. In general, we had to add more tables and chairs. Well, the supplies were enough for everyone!

Our guest was Yulianna, known in “mom” circles for her ability to organize and engage children.

Children, and let’s not hide it, adults too, carefully followed the instructions. At first, they were asked to choose the background for the card. No secrets here; participants had varied preferences: some wanted silver, others green, and blue was also popular. Then, they drew fluffy fir tree paws and “hung” a little ball.

Each participant decorated the ball to their taste: with beads, hearts, bows. The main thing: it had to sparkle because, after all, it’s a New Year greeting card.

No one was bored during the class. The work was bustling! Ah, what wonderful cards our participants created!