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Our April literary salon is dedicated to the 140th anniversary of the Soviet science fiction writer Alexander Belyaev.

Usually, this author is read in youth when the impossible seems possible, and any, even the most incredible ideas, can find embodiment. Older people may approach such ideas with skepticism, but nonetheless, they do not lose interest in all things mysterious and unexplained.

Science fiction writers often predict the path of technological progress. Who knows, perhaps soon it will be possible to make the head work separately from the body, people will be able to live underwater for years, surfacing only briefly, and “watch and listen” to broadcasts in their head without using additional devices, but tuning in to transmitted radio waves.

If you are a fan of science fiction, welcome to our literary salon. Two books have been selected for discussion: “Amphibian Man” and “Professor Dowell’s Head.” But no one will object if you present another work by this author.

Guess which of the above-mentioned books the quotes come from:

  1. If virtue cannot exist, then at least vice must be punished.
  2. If you find yourself in hell, you should be in agreement with the devils.

Language of the event: Russian.

Есть безрассудство, которое стоит мудрости

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