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We continue to present the history of well-known Russian families in Belgium – and this time we will talk about one of the most famous families in Russia – the family of Alexander Pushkin, the greatest of Russian poets.

At the meeting in the Russian House we are waiting for a unique story of Alexander Alexandrovich and Maria Alexandrovna about their great ancestor and about the anniversaries that the family celebrates in 2024 – the 225 anniversary of Alexander Pushkin, the 100th anniversary of the Pushkins’ life in Belgium and many others.

A direct descendant of Alexander Pushkin and the last bearer of the Pushkin family name, the great-grandson of the poet Alexander Pushkin lives in Brussels with his wife Maria Alexandrovna Pushkina-Durnovo, who is also a direct descendant of Alexander Pushkin and Nikolai Gogol.

In 1999, Alexander and Maria founded the International Pushkin Foundation to honor the memory of their great ancestor.

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