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To my verses, written so early,

That I didn’t even know I was a poet,

Bursting forth like splashes from a fountain,

Like sparks from rockets,

Intruding like little imps,

Into the sanctuary where sleep and incense,

To my verses about youth and death,

— Unread verses! (M.Tsvetaeva)

Dear active members of our literary salon! We are opening the year 2024 with poetry!

The literary salon session will be held in an interactive format, which means that you will not just be listeners but, first and foremost, active participants. Bring your favorite poems, prepare for recitation. Reading from a sheet is allowed.

To prepare for the literary salon, you can use the backgrounds of our library.

If you are also a poet, you will have a splendid opportunity to present your creativity to the judgment of the audience.

Due to numerous requests, the first session is decided to be held in the evening. Come yourselves and bring friends! Children of all ages are welcome without restrictions. They can also try themselves as readers.

Event Language – Russian

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