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When the water of the universal flood

Returned once again within the bounds of shores,

From the foam of the receding flow,

Love quietly emerged onto the shore

And dissolved in the air until its time,

And the time was forty forties. (V. Vysotsky)

Dear regular and honorary members of the literary salon! As we agreed, the next session will take place very soon, on the birthday of the poet, bard, and actor Vladimir Vysotsky. That’s why I chose his lines for the header.

This time, we will talk about poetry together. Whether it’s love lyrics, joyful or mournful, about nature or people – they leave none of us indifferent. Verses and metaphors become so ingrained in the culture that many don’t even remember their authorship. “But our northern summer, a caricature of southern winters…”, “The son came to his father as a crumb…”, “And eternal battle, rest only appears in our dreams”, etc.

Have you already chosen which poet’s creativity you’d like to introduce us to? If any of you wish to read your favorite lines, that would be wonderful. No need to memorize, reading from a sheet is sufficient.

Don’t forget to invite friends and acquaintances!

The event language is Russian.

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