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To the 150th anniversary of the birth of S.V. Rachmaninov

To the Day of the Russian Language and to the 224th anniversary of the birth of A.S. Pushkin

The romances of Sergei Vasilyevich Rachmaninov are called his spiritual confession: each of them is distinguished by incredible sincerity, melody and love of poetry.

In total, the composer created more than eighty works of this genre. He combined most of them into seven cycles, each of which includes from six to fifteen romances. Rachmaninoff constantly turned to this genre for 26 years – from 1890 to 1916. Since leaving Russia in 1917, the composer has not written a single romance.

“I am a Russian composer, and my homeland left its mark on my character and my views. My music is the fruit of my character, and therefore it is Russian music.” (S.V. Rachmaninov).

Immortal poetic works of A.S. Pushkin received a second life in the musical works of Sergei Rachmaninoff.

Pushkin’s works have repeatedly been translated into music: many domestic composers created romances, operas, ballets, symphonic works, referring to Pushkin’s poetry and prose.

“Poetry inspires me a lot. After music, I love poetry most of all … Poetry inspires music, because there is a lot of music in poetry itself. They are like twin sisters.” (S.V. Rachmaninov).

The concert will be attended by:

  • Elena Fedorova, soprano, opera singer
  • Inna van Mechelen (piano)
  • Salome Tsakashvili (piano)      


  1. Harvest of sorrow (A. Tolstoy)
  2. A dream (A. Pleshcheev)
  3. The muse (A. Pushkin)
  4. Lilacs (E. Beketova)
  5. Sing not to me, beautiful maiden (A. Pushkin)
  6. The isle (K. Balmont)
  7. The flower has faded (D. Ratgauz)
  8. By my window (G. Galina)
  9. Piano solo: -Prelude in g moll , op. 23.n5

– Prelude in gis moll , op 32, n.12

10. All things pass away (D. Ratgauz)

    1. The soldier’s wife (A. Pleshcheev)
    2. Daisies (I. Severyanin)
    3. Fragment from A. Musset (A. Apukhtin)
    4. In my garden at night (A. Blok)
    5. In the silence of the secret night (A. Fet)
    6. Spring waters (F. Tyutchev)
Elena Fedorova, soprano, opera singer
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