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Retrospective of Mark Zakharov’s films.

Mark Zakharov (1933-2019) is a legend of the Russian theater and cinema, People’s Artist of the USSR (1991), director and screenwriter. Head of Lenkom (since 1973).

Mark Zakharov worked extensively and successfully in film and television, in particular, filmed a number of plays by Yevgeny Schwartz and Grigory Gorin in the genre of a fantastic parable.

He is the author of many articles on theater and politics, as well as the books “Contacts at Different Levels” and “Superprofession”, dedicated to the problems of modern directing.

Director: Mark Zakharov

Cast: Oleg Yankovsky, Inna Churikova, Elena Koreneva, Alexander Abdulov

1979*134 min.

English subtitles

It is one of the many adaptations of the Baron Munchhausen series written by 18th century German author Rudolf Erich Raspe. This 1979 adaptation is the most beloved version in the former Soviet Union.

A man with imagination opposes a society without it. Society forces him to betray his freedom-loving spirit, but imagination is immortal.


  • Marta He[Pastor] Marta was the fourth, Karl.Baron Munchhausen Don’t care! We shall invite a fifth, a sixth, a tenth, a twentieth.Marta The twentieth will come just in time for my funeral, Karl.Baron Munchhausen Let’s talk about something else. Is it worth spoiling such a nice evening?Marta Is it evening now?

    Baron Munchhausen [It’s still light outside]  Of course… Look at the moon… the stars!… I am coming to you, my darling…

  • Baron Munchhausen Why can’t you understand that Baron Munchhausen is famous not because he flew or did not fly to the moon, but because he doesn’t lie.

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