Dear friends, in January, our joyful celebration “Confetti” took place. Many guests came, and how else could it be?

At first, all the children were divided into teams. The questions were difficult, but not for our participants. They easily found the answers.

And then…

Confetti cannons sparkle in gold.

A star was lit in silver

Reaching the top

The bravest spark.

  1. Marshak

Everything was correct, all the participants made a confetti cannon. For this, they needed a cardboard tube from a toilet paper roll, a balloon, shiny wrapping paper, and of course, confetti.

That’s when the real fun began. Especially when the children realized that the confetti cannon they assembled was reusable! They shot it to their heart’s content, showering the entire floor with colorful circles. And they went home with pockets full of them, much to the delight of their dads and moms!

Look how much fun we had!

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