At the March meeting of our children’s club, a master class dedicated to the wonderful spring holiday of March 8th took place. With this holiday, spring comes into our lives.

It has become customary that starting from kindergarten, we make gifts for our mothers, sisters, grandmothers. So we decided not to forget our traditions.

Many children came. However, our master classes are popular: firstly, they are conducted by professionals who not only love to create with their hands but also know how to convey it to the children. You can’t deceive children; if they feel insincerity, they won’t come again. We have already formed a regular circle of communication. Every time they leave, children themselves ask, “Is the next time soon?”

Secondly, our master classes are free for everyone interested.

Thirdly, we don’t make children sit quietly like in school: on the days of master classes, our yard fills with the joyful voices of children, and the asphalt is covered with drawings made with colorful chalk.

So, on March 2nd, our little craftsmen under the careful guidance of the master made a festive panel. Children themselves chose: on what background they would work, what color paper to use, small or large details.

– Teacher, I need help! – calls a girl from one end.

– I’m not a teacher, I’m Yuliana, I came to help you.

And immediately from the other end: “Can I make two leaves, and then a flower?”

– You can!

– Show, – the girl looks into her friend’s craft, – look, and I have it like this. Do you want the same?

Suddenly one girl started crying: “I want this picture, but there are no more”, – she points to the pink background, to which her neighbor is trying on.

– Do I need to make many buds or one bud first, then glue it, then another? – asks a boy. He is focused; you can immediately see that accuracy is important to him.

We wondered what to do, because we have no more pink ones, and the girl came late. But the neighbor intervened. She smiled and handed her cardboard: “Take it. I really like this one too” – she pointed to the one that the neighbor got.

It’s always interesting to watch children: they share, consult, help each other.

The panel is done, tea is drunk. It’s time to go home! But not so fast. Without agreeing, they paired up and started playing trains. The grandmother who came for her granddaughter laughed: “I thought I’d pick her up and go straight home, but I have to stay. I didn’t expect it to be so much fun here.”

And the adults? What do they do while the children are crafting? Some sit on soft couches and chat. Some are already acquainted, newcomers join the company. Some watch a movie in our cinema.

That’s how our events for… for the whole family go so fun and interesting. Yes, indeed, there were times when dads and moms crafted together with their children.

What will happen next time? On April 20th, there will be a master class on decorating Easter eggs. The announcement will soon appear on the website. Don’t miss the registration. The number of places will be limited.