On January 27th, the Russian House in Brussels hosted a screening of the film “The Siege Diary” by Andrei Zaytsev. The film is the winner of the Moscow International Film Festival (2020) and a laureate of the Russian National Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences’ “Golden Eagle” award (2021). The screening was dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the complete liberation of Leningrad from the fascist blockade.

In February 1942, amidst severe frost, dreadful hunger, non-functional utilities, halted transportation, and Leningrad buried in snow, paralyzed, a young woman named Olga traverses the entire city to reach her father. Having just buried her husband, she is convinced that she, too, will soon die of hunger. She wishes to see her father one last time and bid him farewell. This film is a blockade odyssey, and viewers could not remain indifferent to the atmosphere of the besieged city and its daily heroism. After the screening, guests engaged in lengthy discussions about the film and shared their impressions of what they had seen.

Eternal memory and eternal glory to the defenders of Leningrad!