As part of the All-Russian event “Night of Cinema – 2023,” in the virtual branch of the Russian Museum operating within the premises of the V.G. Belinsky Central District Library, a screening of the multimedia film “Alexander III: The Bronze Wanderer” will take place.

Created in 1909 by the sculptor Paolo Troubetzkoy, the monument to Alexander III was installed near the Nicholas Railway Station in St. Petersburg. After the 1917 revolution, a complex and dramatically intertwined “journey” of the monument began, closely linked to the events of national history.

In 1939, the monument became part of the collection of the Russian Museum, and in the 1990s, it was placed in the inner courtyard of the Marble Palace, where the famous revolutionary armored car, from which V.I. Lenin delivered a speech, was previously located. Remarkably, the paths of the monument to the Russian emperor and the artifact associated with the figure of the chief destroyer of monarchy in Russia converged within the courtyard of the Marble Palace.

In contemporary times, a wave of public attention regularly returns to the paradoxical fate of the monument to Alexander III. According to the creators of the film, the historical journey of this outstanding monument is not just the path of an equestrian statue, but also the path of the state, the path of the museum – it is the strange “Russian path.”

The film was produced by the Russian Museum in 2020 and dedicated to the 175th anniversary of the birth of Emperor Alexander III.

Movie screening starts on August 26th at 4:00 PM UTC.