The lady checked in to baggage

A sofa,

A suitcase,

A satchel,

A painting,

A basket,

A piece of cardboard,

And a little dog.

(S. Marshak)

Olga Markina started her master class with this children’s poem. She asked the participants to imagine themselves as passengers.

The participants improvised. The scenes were interesting and unique. Afterwards, they discussed together: what each person saw, whether it matched what the actor wanted to show, what was left “off-screen,” and what should be added.

There were no random “passersby” here. Everyone who came knew why they were here. And if there was some initial shyness, it soon disappeared without a trace.

The work was built on mutual exchange of opinions.

Interestingly, you could choose any starting point: an airport, a train station, a port, a bus station. But, oh, these modern children, all without exception decided to fly on an airplane, but, alas… They turned out to be very distracted passengers.

Don’t believe it? Then pay attention.

Young artists found original solutions: they used additional items, communicated with invisible interlocutors. And it looked very natural. Not everyone decided to go on a long journey; some played the role of the welcoming party.

The session lasted longer than planned. This is understandable because everyone wanted not only to show their talent but also to ask for advice or share their thoughts.

“Will there be another session?” – the kids asked Olga in conclusion.

Dear friends, it’s decided to open a theater studio. It will operate on Saturdays at 11:00. The session will last approximately one and a half hours. The first session will take place on 13.01. Registration is mandatory because Olga does not live in Brussels. And we definitely need to know how many people can attend the studio.

We hope to see your first play on the stage of the Russian House soon.

To register, please follow this link.