Dear friends! The first session of our theater studio has taken place. Initially, the minimum age for young artists was planned to be 13 years old, but as it turned out, there are quite a few enthusiastic individuals of a younger age. We talked to Olga Markina, the leader of the theater studio, and she said that the main thing is the desire, and age is secondary. So, children from 10 years old are accepted into the studio. As an exception, children of a younger age may be admitted, but only after an interview with the leader. Remember, dear parents, the desire to play should come primarily from the child.

The number of seats in the studio is limited. As well as the date to join, as the preparation for the performance will begin: roles will be assigned.

“What we do with you as artists has a bit of magic, but the most important thing is technique,” says Olga to her students, “Technique is focused attention.”

The first session discussed theatrical studies, and young artists tried themselves in improvisation.

I remind you that registration is mandatory. You can sign up by following this link “Theater Studio for Teenagers”.

We invite you to watch our video.