Until November 24th, the International Youth Film Festival “WE” is accepting entries from authors of Russian and foreign short films created after January 1, 2022.

The festival organizers, drawing from the art of cinema, its techniques, and potential, invite the young generation of the country to reflect on the lives and actions of ordinary people they want to be proud of, to become explorers of human character, and to showcase the faces of contemporaries. Participation in the film festival offers teenagers and young people the opportunity to look around and find the heroes of our time, whose lives provide inspiration and whose high moral actions compel them to follow suit.

Competition program categories are divided into two age groups (12-17 and 18-35 years):

– “Best Short Fiction Film”

– “Best Short Documentary Film”

– “Best Acting”

– “Best Cinematography”

– “Hero of Our Time”

– “We’re Together!” (out of competition – films about people with disabilities).

Organizers of the WE International Youth Film Festival:

– Moscow Regional Branch of the Russian Filmmakers’ Union (http://mosreg.film/)

– Autonomous Non-Profit Organization “League of Creativity” (https://ligatvor.ru/)

Online submissions can be made at:


For more details, please visit:

https://wefest.ru/ and https://vk.com/wefestival