The film, directed by Andrey Khrulyov, was successfully premiered at the cinema club of the Russian House in Brussels. The film, shot in 2023 at the “Belarusfilm” studio, is set in 1925 in Western Belarus, which, after the signing of the Treaty of Brest, fell under the influence of Poland. The attempts of local residents to defend their own faith and church are brutally suppressed by Polish authorities.

The film was presented to the audience by the Acting Head of the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus to the EU and NATO, Ekaterina Vladimirovna Shatokhina. She emphasized the relevance of the film and drew historical parallels between the events depicted in the movie and our present day.

The next screening of the cinema club will take place on December 5 and will be dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Operation “Bagration.” Operation “Bagration” was a strategic offensive by the Soviet Armed Forces against Nazi Germany during the Great Patriotic War. During Operation “Bagration,” the Soviet army inflicted the largest defeat on the German army in the entire military history of Germany, defeating the Army Group “Center”. The film “Direction of the Main Blow,” the third part of the “Liberation” epic, will be shown.

Feel free to join; it will be interesting: