On Saturday 25 March, Brussels held the 6th children’s literary competition for the best prosaic reader in Russian «Living Classic» for school children.

Traditionally, this contest has been hosted by the Russian House in Brussels. Vera Georgievna Bunina, head of the Russian House and a great friend of the competition was elected president of the jury.

This time the atmosphere was especially joyful and solemn! For the first time after three years of the contest in online format. Children read fragments from the real stage, and in the hall, breathless, they listened to parents, friends and the jury.

The magic of the living word was in the air, the spectators watched the miracles of reincarnation, and most likely the birth of new stars of the theatre…

The 2023 Belgian final was attended by 21 participants from Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels, who were the best performers at the regional school and inter-school stadiums. Works of modern and classic writers, such as Tolstoy, Uspensky, Chekhov, Makhotin, Usachev, Gogol, Troepolsky, Green, Rose, Taffey, were heard.

It wasn’t easy to choose the best, but the results of the vote counting showed that the winners were:

Marusya Ivanov reads from L. Tolstoy’s novel War and Peace. The audience really saw the real Natasha Rostova in a light dress, heard her voice, her thoughts, felt her emotions at the first ball… Amazing performance, bravo, Marusya;

Platon Netreba with a story by V. Medvedev “Calorie Boots” (Platon with a completely adult reasoning shared a recipe to prepare for the journey… a real actor…);

Alexandra Karpovich with an excerpt from the story of G. Troepolsky “White Bim Black Ear” (Alexandra told in a warm, childlike voice what adorns life, containing all the best in humanity – kindness, simplicity, confidence… intelligent).

All participants received diplomas and gifts, many received individual nominations. An-Nika Lauvaerts (she has been participating in the competition for five years) received a special prize «For consistency and fidelity to the competition of readers «Living Classic».

Participants learning Russian received a special nomination from the Russian House in Brussels. This is Anna Marlieu, Nicholas Teugels and Anastasia Arnuld. Nelly Bahonovich received a special award for choosing Gogol’s text “May Night, or Drowned.” And, of course, Zagainova Alexandra, the youngest reader, who is only 9 years old, was encouraged by a special gift.

“Children should live in the world of beauty, games, fairy tales, music, drawing, fantasies, creativity,” said Vasily Sukhomlinsky once, – said Tatiana Maskhelin, competition commissioner “Living Classic”. in Belgium. – It was the atmosphere that reigned Saturday night at the Russian House. Thanks to the participants who showed how the Russian word can be strong, how it can touch, make sad and laugh. We thank Vera Georgievna Bunina for supporting and promoting the «Living Classic» recital competition in Belgium. A thank you very much to all the members of the jury, who by their comments gave the participants faith in themselves and their strength!”