A month ago, we had a space flight at our children’s club! Yes, yes, don’t be surprised, a real space flight!

And it happened like this.

On April 15th, a whole space team gathered here. There were young scientists, astronauts, and even a support group of adults. Kirill Kruglov was appointed as the flight leader.

You don’t know him? Well, know this: he is a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable person. Initially, he checked how well his crews – and there were two of them – possessed the knowledge. How can you go to space without solid knowledge? It turned out that all team members thoroughly prepared for the flight and answered questions quickly and correctly.

Kirill started his interactive lecture with a story about planets. As it turned out, the young explorers were quite familiar with this topic. Not only were they able to answer which planets make up our solar system, but they couldn’t be confused about the mass of celestial bodies or gravity.

The qualities that astronauts should possess were discussed. It turned out that they need not only knowledge in natural sciences but also good physical fitness. And most importantly, an astronaut should be able to be friendly and a true companion.

Then they moved on to practical knowledge: rocket launches. They used a model of the latest design – a plastic bottle from a carbonated drink as a prototype. The flight went smoothly, and the landing on the doorstep was incident-free.

After a short break and warm-up, the captain and his team returned to the mission control center.

Initially, they worked on the launch pad. They fueled up, tested the engines, and tried out the modules. Finally, they agreed and assembled the spacecraft.

There was so much excitement in the eyes of the young astronauts when the launch was assigned to them. They jumped up from their seats, confidently affirmed their readiness, and waved their hands as if wanting to help… But, alas, the calculation turned out to be incorrect. The rocket made it to orbit, I think, Mars, and… remained there.

On a clear starry night, step outside and look at the sky. Find the red planet there. Look closer. Do you see the satellite orbiting around Mars? That’s ours.

Of course, all of this was just a computer simulation. But who knows, perhaps Kirill Kruglov’s lectures guided the future conquerors of the cosmic ocean on their path!

P.S. I want to express special gratitude to the wonderful self-taught artist Irina Yakimenko, who not only provided her space paintings but also patiently answered the questions of the little scholars.