Dear friends!

January is coming to an end, ahead is the last winter month, and we are going to talk about… a New Year’s celebration for children.

For the first time after a long break, the halls of the Russian House echoed with children’s voices and laughter, the patter of little feet, and the crisp clapping of hands. In the foyer in front of the concert hall, the children were greeted by the cheerful Barbary. She wanted to confuse them and asked tricky questions. But our little guests turned out to be not so simple: they easily gave answers, helped Barbary, and then rejoiced together with her.

The next stage was a play. Imitating the adults, the children gracefully entered the concert hall, took their seats, but couldn’t stay serious for long. Because on the stage appeared young artists from the theater studio “Sadko.” A fairy came out, and the fairy tale came to life. At first, the kids watched the performance of S. Marshak’s “The Tale of the Goat.”

And then suddenly, “The Turnip” came to life on the stage. The audience enthusiastically helped pull it out of the ground. The budding artists rightly received a united and prolonged applause. The children helped Santa Claus (Ded Moroz) and Snow Maiden (Snegurotchka) light the lights on the Christmas tree, and then everyone danced in a circle together.

As a farewell, each little guest received a sweet gift. It turned out to be a wonderful celebration. Special thanks for the play to the children’s theater studio “Sadko,” which came from Ghent at the request of the Russian House.

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And now, a video of how it really was…