” Pyotr Cheremeteff, my father, dying in exile, called me up and said: “Petrusha, you must support Russia and, if possible, help her.” With these words Count Pyotr Petrovich Cheremeteff, a French statesman and Russian public figure, began his speech at a meeting at the Russian House in Brussels on 20 October 2023.

The evening was dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the birth of Sergei Rachmaninoff and, in this connection, to the history of the creation of the Paris Conservatoire Sergei Rachmaninoff , as well as the Russian Musical Society in Paris, which Pyotr Petrovich led for several decades. The meeting took the format of a friendly conversation with the Brussels audience – Belgians and compatriots. Our guest spoke extensively about the history of the Sheremetev family, one of the most famous and prominent families in Russia, as well as about the events of his own life, most of which was marked by charitable and humanitarian projects in his historic homeland.

The meeting, which was attended by over a hundred people, was attended by the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Kingdom of Belgium H.E. Alexander Tokovinin, descendants of Alexander Pushkin, Leon Tolstoy, Princes Golitsin and other famous Russian families living in Brussels, Belgian historians and journalists, compatriots, students and university professors.

In the questions and comments of the participants of the evening there were constantly voiced opinions about the importance of such meetings – because it is necessary not only to preserve the spiritual and cultural heritage of Russia, but also to bring it to the descendants – all Russians, Russians who cherish ties with the Motherland and its history.

And we warmly congratulated Mrs Huguette Bultel, the Countess of Cheremeteff, Peter Petrovich’s wife, on obtaining Russian citizenship.