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He recalled his travelling companion’s agitated sleep – was it really sleep? – his sighs, and his sobbing. Then the two dangling legs, the patent-leather shoes and hand-knitted socks . . . An insipid face. Glazed eyes. And Maigret was not surprised to see a grey beard eating into his cheeks. («The Madman of Bergerac» Georges Simenon)

I think that in terms of popularity, few genres can compete with detective stories. Detectives are read by both men and women, both young and wise old men, and professionals in the investigation, and amateurs.

That is why we decided that the next topic of our literary salon will be devoted to detective stories. Its regulars have already sorted out their volumes and started reading!

Would you like to join our salon? Read the detective and come on Thursday, 05/25/2023 at 10.30 to the library.

Do you know that the famous Belgian author of the detective Georges Simenon has Russian roots?

P.S. If you have riddles, bring them.

In Russian.

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