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“I have never seen a more restless creature. She never sat still for a moment; she would get up, run into the house, and come back again, singing softly, often laughing in a strange way. It seemed as if she were laughing not at what she heard, but at various thoughts that came into her head. Her large eyes looked straight, bright, and boldly, but sometimes her eyelids would slightly narrow, and then her gaze suddenly became deep and tender.” “Asya” by Ivan Turgenev.

Dear readers!

Our next and final literary salon before the summer vacation will be dedicated to the works of Ivan Turgenev, particularly his novella “Asya.”

We will discuss the portrayal of women in classical and contemporary Russian literature. What is meant by the term “Turgenev’s girl.” Is the main character’s action justified from the perspective of that era and our days?

Let’s reminisce about first love over a cup of fragrant tea or coffee with a crunch… I wanted to say “French pastry,” but no.

Join us!

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