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The Great Orthodox Lent is preceded by a week of festivities, during which pancakes are in the spotlight. On the last day of the celebrations, a giant doll is burned. This is Maslenitsa, a pagan festival celebrating the end of winter in March. This counterpart to the Western Carnival offers the opportunity to enjoy the snow one last time, in sleighs and in great snowball fights. The last week during which dairy products may be consumed, it owes its etymology to Orthodox liturgy, from “maslo”, butter.

On March 14, 2024, the Maison Russe Bruxelles Europe invites you to discover this tradition in a culinary workshop dedicated to crepes. During this culinary workshop, Tatiana Hachimi will showcase this popular dish in the spirit of Fusion Food, using a wide range of flavors from the four corners of the globe. Indeed, the crêpe is a universal recipe that can be found in China, Morocco, Brittany and Russia, not forgetting Liège and its famous bouquette.

Simple to make and inexpensive, the crêpe can be transformed into a truly healthy dish, depending on the filling. Made from simple ingredients, it’s a great way to showcase our agricultural produce: eggs, milk, flour, etc. Sweet or savoury; made with wheat or buckwheat flour; large or small; thin or thick… come and discover the crepe in all its forms at Masletnitsa!

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