To commemorate the 95th anniversary of the Belgian francophone poet, bard, actor, and director Jacques Brel.

On April 18th, at the Russian House in Brussels, Vadim Piankov, a Russian actor, songwriter, and performer, presented his new album “BREL 2024”.


This year marks the 95th anniversary of the birth of Jacques Brel, a francophone singer-songwriter of Flemish origin who left a significant mark on the history of French song in the 20th century. On this memorable date, Vadim Piankov recorded his new album of songs by the Great Jacques, which he presented jointly with André Tomsonand his publishing house Editions du Lotus Genève. The album includes globally renowned classics like IF YOU GO AWAY, COUNTRY OF LOWS, AMSTERDAM, as well as lesser-known songs to the general public, performed both in the original language and in Russian translations by Vadim Piankov. This new album is a kind of tribute and respect from Vadim to the outstanding Artist who is a source of inspiration for many. It is thanks to his songs that many have been able to not only master the French language but also find their own artistic path. Every melody, every word of his songs has become a window into the world of art and self-expression for them, helping them find their place on stage and in life. Vadim Piankov talked about this at the presentation of his album. His translations of Brel’s songs into Russian are considered the most accurate and sensitive. Each word conveys not only the meaning of the original but also its emotional depth, truly immersing viewers and listeners in the world of music and lyrics. These translations have become a real treasure for Brel’s fans, opening up new aspects of his creativity and helping to understand his exceptional skill.

After the concert, there was a CD signing.